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Pet Policy

The Rental/Lease Agreement provides that without the Owner/Agent’s prior written consent, no pets shall be allowed in or about the premises.
  1. In order to approve a pet, we require the pet’s name, type, breed, weight, color, age, proof of rabies vaccination, veterinary name and license information.
  2. Pets must be HOUSE BROKEN
  3. Pet must be fixed. Veterinary proof may be required.
  4. Pet must be a domesticated cat or bird. NO WILD ANIMALS ALLOWED.
  5. Pet must not have bitten, attacked or harmed anyone in the past
  6. Residents are responsible for the actions of the pet at all times. Pet must not disturb the rights, comforts and conveniences of neighbors or other Residents. This applies whether the pet is inside or outside of Residents’ dwelling
  7. NO LIMIT LIABILITY. Residents shall be liable for the entire amount of all damages caused by the Pet
  8. SUPERVISION: Pets shall be kept on a leash and under Residents’ supervision when outside the dwelling or Residents’ private fenced yard area. Residents agree to comply with all applicable governmental laws and regulations (Leash Laws).
  9. ADDITIONAL SECURITY DEPOSIT of $250 for 1 cat OR $300 for 2 cats AND
  10. MONTHLY PET RENT of $25 per month for 1 cat OR $30 per month for 2 cats